Vibrating Foam Roller for runners, best vibrating foam roller for athletes

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Best Vibrating Foam Rollers for runners and athletes

The benefits of foam rolling for self-myofascial release has been well documented in scientific studies.

Vibration has also been studied as a massage therapy type for exercise recovery, and the research shows it reduces muscle stiffness and delayed muscle soreness (DOMS)

A vibrating foam roller gives you the benefits of both foam rolling and vibration in the same action and with the same tool.

In this post, we’ll break down the features of different vibrating foam rollers and compare the 10 best vibrating foam rollers on the market.

A vibrating foam roller has vibration technology built into it.

This allows you to experience a vibration massage while you compress and roll your muscles to release trigger points in the muscle and fascia.

Like regular foam rollers, vibrating foam rollers come in a variety of sizes and textures.

Plus they have different tech specs, such as vibration speeds.

You don’t get much benefit from a regular foam roller without rolling on it, but you can lay your neck, back, hamstring or calf muscle on a vibrating foam roller and get a deep tissue massage.

What makes a vibrating foam roller more effective than a regular foam roller is that the vibration helps release lubricating fluid in the fascia.

Foam rolling already provides you with the benefits of self-myofascial release, which helps release this fluid, too.

Through the dual action of these two therapies, you get greater results, faster.

What are the Benefits of Foam Rolling?

Myofascial Release

By bathing the fascia in its lubricating fluid, a foam roller banishes muscle soreness, helps prevent injury and releases tightness or knots in tissue fibres.

It can also help improve range of motion and flexibility.

Speed Up Recovery Time

Using a foam roller post-workout increases blood flow, helping your muscles heal and recover from exercise, strain or injury.

By helping you recover from sore muscles quicker you can drastically reduce your recovery time between workouts.

Pain Relief

While foam rolling feels painful on tight, sore muscles, a vibration massage can help reduce the sensitivity of trigger points—tight, inflamed areas of tissue that are painful to the touch.


Vibration is also a great way to loosen your muscles out before a workout because the stimulation it provides them mimics exercise and sends oxygen to the muscles.

According to a 2017 Korean study, vibration massage before a workout reduces the damage done to muscles during a workout.

This suggests that performance is enhanced from the pre-workout vibration therapy and that you’ll need less time to recover.

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