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common dumbbells compares

October 10, 2020

Comparative analysis of several common dumbbells
Common types of dumbbells on the market include rubber-coated dumbbells, cast-iron dumbbells, electroplated dumbbells, and painted dumbbells.
Rubber-coated dumbbell refers to the all-plastic structure, and the price is lower than that of electroplated dumbbells. Ordinary encapsulation is mostly made of recycled plastic, which has a pungent odor for a long time and is easy to deteriorate, which is unhealthy. The encapsulation is mostly made of asphalt and has a low odor. Due to the fine workmanship, it is difficult to distinguish between ordinary encapsulation and encapsulation.
The coating cast iron dumbbell is rubberized on the outer layer and cast iron blocks are used inside. The outer encapsulation also has ordinary encapsulation and encapsulation. It has the same weight and volume, which is relatively small and affordable.
The price of electroplated dumbbells is higher than that of rubberized dumbbells. Electroplated dumbbells are bright in color, fade, and have no irritating odor. They are generally used for home fitness.
Painted dumbbells are finished by baking paint after plating on cast iron. Paint dumbbells are more beautiful in appearance, and the price is higher than that of electroplated dumbbells, which is suitable for fitness use.

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